Directors & Officers Insurance

OBF Insurance Group is a leading provider of Directors and Officers insurance within the Irish market. We take pride in being able to provide expert and quality service to our many clients. Our purpose is to help protect Directors and Officers against the many risks associated with the running of a business. Talk to one of our experienced team members today and let us advise you on what professional indemnity cover is right for you.

Key Features

  • Free independent advice.
  • Dedicated and experienced team.
  • Access to Domestic and UK markets.
  • Broker to broker facility available.

Key benefits

  • Protection against shareholders' actions.
  • Protects against company officers who exceed their authority.
  • Protects personal assets of individuals.
  • Defence costs included in most policies.
Trusted Experts for Over 50 Years


Directors and Officers are increasingly exposed to the risk of legal action over many issues, such as:

  • Accounting irregularities.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Insolvency-related proceedings (wrongful trading/disqualification).
  • Employment-related claims.
  • Breaches of health and safety legislation.
  • Environmental liability.
  • Breaches of competition law.

Directors and Officers Insurance protects the personal assets and liability of directors, officers and senior personnel against professional indemnity claims arising from wrongful acts or decisions made in their business capacity. OBF Insurance has an in-depth understanding of today’s corporate guidelines and the regulations to which management are bound.

To obtain a quote you must submit a completed proposal form. Please download the form and submit it to us, and one of our experienced team members will be in touch.

  • Top Tip #1

    Be aware of your corporate responsibilities to minimise the risk of an indemnity claim. Directors and officers are expected to exercise their corporate responsibilities in good faith, in a manner one reasonably believes to be in the best interest of the corporation.

  • Top Tip #2

    Review the indemnity limits on your Directors and Officers insurance policy on a regular basis to ensure the maximum amount of compensation meets your current needs.

  • Top Tip #3

    Confirm any changes in position with your Directors and Officers insurance provider as soon as possible. Some providers simply require a single update on all employees once a year but this can vary.


  • Q: Am I covered if I fail to comply with regulations and law?
    A: Yes, most Directors and Officers insurance policies will include this cover as standard. However, you should check with your broker or Insurance provider to ensure you are covered.
  • Q: Is fraud covered under Directors and Officers Insurance?
    A: No. Fraud is a common exclusion under the Directors and Officers insurance policies.
  • Q: What protection does Directors and Officers Insurance provide?
    A: Most Directors and Officers insurance policies include the costs of your legal defence as well as offering protection for your personal assets. Like all insurance policies, your Directors and Officers insurance provider will cover an agreed upon amount and any excess shall be sought from your own accounts.

    Some Directors & Officers policies can be extended to include cover for Employers Practice Liability, but this in most cases is not an automatic extension and you should always check this with your broker.
  • Q: Will I be covered for claims relating to the period prior to taking out the insurance policy?
    A: Most Directors and Officers insurance policies are written on a claims made basis, meaning they only cover claims which occur, and are filed, during the period detailed in the policy. If you require further cover, contact your provider to discuss a bespoke policy.