Caravan Insurance

We have over forty years of experience satisfying customers by providing hassle-free caravan insurance in Ireland. As caravan insurance specialists, our team of experts understand the needs of caravan owners and will be happy to provide the cover that's right for you.

Key Features

  • Low policy excess.
  • Towing cover available - if selected, cover includes 60 days in Europe for any one period.
  • New-for-old cover available.

Key benefits

  • Public Liability covered up to €2,600,000.
  • Fire brigade charges up to €1,000.
  • Fixtures, fittings, aerials and satellite dishes covered.

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Below is a list of some of the main features on our caravan insurance policy:

  • 365 day cover for touring in Ireland, up to 60 days in Europe included where towing cover is selected.
  • Fixtures, fittings, aerials, satellite dishes, any verandah, decking or shed (and your sum insured should be calculated taking this into account).
  • Reasonable costs, up to €500, for removing the structure to the nearest repairer and its redelivery to your address in Ireland as a result of an insured loss.
  • €100 per day, up to a maximum of €500, towards alternative accommodation if the unit is uninhabitable during a holiday period (only as a result of an insured loss).
  • Up to €500, with our consent, for removing debris as a result of an insured loss.
  • Liability to third parties in connection with the structure for up to €2,600,000.

Read our top tips when taking out Caravan Insurance.

  • Top Tip #1

    Ensure your water system is fully drained down between the 1st of October and the 31st of March annually.

  • Top Tip #2

    Check with your motor insurance provider to ensure your legal liability to third parties is covered whilst towing your caravan.


  • Q: I holiday every year in France for 3 weeks - will my caravan be covered?
    A: Yes, we provide cover for a period of 60 days in any one period of insurance for holidays in Europe.
  • Q: Does the policy provide cover for Public Liability?
    A: Yes, up to €2,600,000 (excludes third party liability whilst being towed).
  • Q: Does the policy provide cover for towing?
    A: Yes, where requested the policy covers damage to the caravan whilst it is being towed.

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