Cyber Insurance

In a world of information and information systems, the cyber threat is now a fact of life for all businesses dealing with electronic data held on computers, servers or online. Here at OBF Insurance Group we recognise the cyber risk threats that modern businesses are facing and we are in a position to offer a Cyber Insurance product for you and your business. If you wish to discuss possible scenarios or simply enquire about our cyber insurance policies further, please call us or fill in the form.

Key Features

  • Access to Domestic and UK Markets
  • Dedicated and experienced team
  • Bespoke cyber insurance policies
  • Broker to Broker facility available

Key benefits

  • Data Liability
  • Administrative Obligations
  • Reputation and Response Cost
  • Options to Include: MultiMedia Liability & Network Interruption

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  • TOP TIP #1

    Seek cyber insurance coverage for loss of data, not just data theft.

  • TOP TIP #2

    Get cyber liability coverage for claims resulting from your third-party data vendors' errors and omissions, as well as your own.


  • Q: What is cyber crime?
    A: Cyber-crime is criminal activity conducted using computers and the Internet, often financially motivated.

    Cyber-crime includes identity theft, fraud, data breaches and internet scams, among other activities.
  • Q: What are the costs of a Cyber-Attack?
    A: The number of targeted cyber-attacks have more than doubled in Ireland in 2018. Successful attacks on businesses can have a serious impact with 62% experiencing loss of IT services because of a breach, 40% suffering financial loss and 42% reporting a loss of operational services.

    Data leaks and losses can lead to massive regulatory fines, clients suing, bad media coverage and can damage the business’ reputation affecting the stockholders’ confidence and profits.

    The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to all companies that process the data of any European individual and makes it much easier for individuals and regulatory bodies to take action against businesses that breach new data laws.
  • Q: I have a small business holding data for no more than 200-300 clients - do I need cyber insurance?
    A: As long as you are holding your clients’ data on file or operate using the internet or computers you are exposed and you should consider taking out a cyber insurance policy. Most modern businesses are at risk of cyber-crime.

    Cyber-crime is happening more and more to small and medium size businesses as they are considered more vulnerable by the criminals. In fact, 62 percent of cyber breach victims in 2017 were small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Q: How does a cyber insurance policy complement my current business IT security strategy?
    A: No matter how good and secure your IT systems are, there are unforeseen threats and fraud schemes that even the best-designed internal controls cannot prevent. Therefore, cyber insurance should be a strong consideration of every company’s IT security strategy.