Family Protection Insurance

Your family would find it hard enough to cope with your death without having to worry about financial security on top of it. Life cover is the easy way to ensure your family are looked after should the unthinkable happen. Our experts can help you set up a tax-free lump sum or a regular payment plan to help ease their burden and give you peace of mind. Talk to us today about the finding the right cover for you.

Key Features

  • Choose a premium to suit your budget.
  • Choose a policy term to match your own circumstances.
  • With convertible policies you can take out replacement cover at the end of the term regardless of your health at the time.
  • Indexation protects the value of the cover against inflation.

Key benefits

  • A tax-free lump sum to protect your family.
  • A regular income to help pay the bills and keep your family comfortable.
  • Your family can pay off loans to ease their burden.
  • Tax relief available on premiums if you are self-employed.

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Life cover is an essential part of proper financial planning. It is easy to arrange and the vast majority of people are accepted for cover without medical examination. You can arrange for cover to last for a given number of years (called a term policy) or on an open-ended basis where there is no specific end date.

With term policies, the premium is specified at the outset and is guaranteed not to change during the policy term. This means you know how much you’ll be paying so it’s easier to plan, which is why some people prefer the certainty of a term policy.

We’ll be happy to advise you on what policy is right for you. We’ve been doing this for a long time and our knowledge and experience will help you find what’s best for your circumstances.

  • Top Tip #1

    Put your cover in place as early as possible because the younger you are, the less it costs.

  • Top Tip #2

    Smoking's not just bad for you, it's bad for your premium.

    Smokers pay about 40% more than non-smokers, but if you smoke when you take out cover and later stop, your premium could be reduced.