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The cover provided under this policy:
Your insurance is on a ‘claims made’ basis which means that if a claim is made against you then you MUST have a current policy in force. If you do not renew your policy, there is no further cover for any acts carried out from your renewal date. If you do decide to retire, go on maternity leave or take a career break we can provide 2 years run off cover free of charge provided you do not take out any other cover. However it is important to note that such extended reporting period only applies to activities undertaken prior to the date that your policy with us lapsed. We would still expect any new insurers to cover such claims and circumstances if your new insurers write your policy on a “claims made” basis. Any Claims brought against you after expiry of this Period will NOT be covered.

Limits of Liability
The overall Limit of Liability is €6,500,000 Any One Claim and In All including Costs and Expenses.

The sub-limits for the undernoted sections are as follows:

Medical Malpractice €6,500,000
Public Liability €6,500,000
Products Liability €6,500,000
Breach of Confidentiality €100,000
Libel & Slander €100,000
Sexual Abuse Defence Costs €50,000
Loss of Documents €10,000

These Limits of Liability as shown above are part of, and not in addition to the overall Limit of Liability.



Any training given to enable a client of the insured to be qualified with certificate(s) or diploma(s) is deemed to be a Training School. Cover for this activity is not provided under this policy, please contact us for further information in relation to this cover.


In the event of a claim, you will be required to produce qualification certificates. Qualifications obtained through distance learning or online courses are not acceptable. Qualifications obtained outside of the EU must be referred to OBF Insurance Group Limited.

Approved Associations

See enclosed list of associations.

You should check the list to ensure that your association has a discounted premium. (All premiums include 5% Irish government levy, €1 stamp duty and €20 brokerage fee).


A student is defined as a person who is undertaking training in respect of the provision of a treatment(s) for which they have not yet attained the basic qualification to practice such treatment(s).


  • Full Member €105
  • Non-membership €180
  • Students of approved associations €70
  • Students non-members €210

Record Keeping

All patient client records must be retained for a minimum of 10 years and for minors 10 years after they reach the age of 18

OBF Insurance Group Ltd. draws your attention to the serious consequences of failure to disclose all material information. Such information is that which we would regard as likely to influence our assessment and acceptance of this insurance. If you are in any doubt as to whether or not any information is material, it should be disclosed. A copy of the completed Proposal From is available on written request within 3 months from the date of this Proposal. A copy of the Policy Document is available on request.