How Influencer’s Insurance Differs From Other Kinds of Insurance

How Influencer’s Insurance Differs From Other Kinds of Insurance

It might look easy from the outside, but creating your brand as an influencer takes time and effort, often involving a unique mix of photography, video editing, content creation, and brand management. That’s why taking out dedicated influencer insurance is a must. 

What Is Influencer’s Insurance?

In the world of content creation and digital marketing, bloggers and influencers occupy an unusual space. Not only are they creating a strong personal brand, but they are also experts in the use of photography, video, and social media.  

When it comes to insurance, this means influencers have their own specific needs and although photographers’ insurance and professional indemnity might go some way towards mitigating the risks influencers face, in fact, bloggers often find dedicated insurance a more comprehensive solution for their diverse needs. 

So, just what is included in influencer’s insurance? You should check the details of your policy, but it can cover: 

Defamation, including slander and libel


Intellectual property infringement and copyright issues

Breach of confidentiality

Breach of contract

Unauthorised access to your social media

Some breaches of advertising rules

Typically, influencers’ insurance addresses risks associated with content creation, but also with brand collaborations and the nuanced challenges of managing an online presence. For example, it often includes coverage for intellectual property disputes, defamation claims, and issues related to sponsored content.  

That means, whether you are a food blogger or business influencer, if someone claims you posted something that has negatively impacted them, you are protected. Instead of having to compensate the injured party out of your own pocket, your policy should cover the cost of hiring a legal team to settle the claim on your behalf. 

How Does Influencer Insurance Differ From Photographer’s Insurance?

Unlike traditional photographers’ insurance, influencer insurance recognises the multifaceted nature of influencer work.   

Whereas photographers’ insurance primarily addresses risks associated with equipment damage and professional liabilities in a studio setting, influencer insurance extends to cover potential legal challenges arising from endorsements, partnerships, and promotional activities. 

As an example, photographer’s insurance might cover: 

Equipment including cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting and software

Public liability insurance against accidental damage to people or property

Professional indemnity against claims of mistakes, omissions and other forms of negligence

Despite the similarities there are some notable differences, with influencer insurance going much further to protect you in the dynamic social media environment where brand collaborations can have serious financial consequences should they turn sour. 

Why Is Influencer Insurance Better Than Professional Indemnity Cover?

Professional indemnity insurance targets traditional professional services and may not be as tailored to the evolving landscape of influencer marketing.  

As such, professional indemnity insurance is often a must-have for accountants, architects, or even counsellors, where it is required by their professional industry body. For those who provide professional advice to their clients, draw up plans, or provide designs, professional indemnity can protect against the eventuality that things go wrong. 

If a client claims they suffered financial loss as a result of a mistake in a piece of work, for example, professional indemnity insurance can cover any legal costs and expenses incurred while defending the claim. It can also cover compensation costs awarded to the client or third party, if you are found to be responsible.  

Despite the fact that your blog might contain plenty of advice, in most cases, your audience is not paying for your professional opinion. The allegations you face will be significantly different, often associated with the reputational risks inherent in the world of online content promotion. 

To this end, opting for tailored influencer’s insurance provides better protection, particularly if you work to promote products or services, whether that’s through social media, web videos or podcasts. 

Why Take Out Influencer’s Insurance?

Unfortunately, working as a professional blogger, Instagrammer, or influencer is not all plain sailing. A dispute over intellectual property, a disagreement over product promotion, or even a simple mistake can quickly see your brand go viral for all the wrong reasons. 

Fortunately, influencers’ insurance accounts for the unique digital risks associated with social media platforms, ensuring a more specialised and relevant safeguard for your brand and livelihood. As a holistic solution that aligns with the unique responsibilities of influencers, it can offer peace of mind in an industry where legal and reputational risks are ever-evolving. 

If you’d like to discuss your insurance needs with an expert provider, OBF Insurance are on hand to help. Our dedicated team have a wealth of expertise in influencer insurance and its specific requirements which means we can tailor a policy to your needs. To find out more about insurance options for bloggers, influencers and trendsetters, contact OBF on +353 (0)1 660 1033. 

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